Everyone can truly fly. Borneo paragliders is the perfect place to learn everything about paragliding in short period of time with qualified instructors and great flying sites.



Instructors are Malaysia Sport Aviation Federation(MSAF) qualified.

School Objectives


We aim is to provide all students with knowledge and skilss that required to be a good and safe paragliding pilot. The consistent condition of the paragliding site giving a very good environmentn all year long. Nice site gives an ample and safe place to practice.


Paragliding Stage



  • Theory Class
  • Ground Handling
  • Take Off
  • Landing
  • Maneuvers
  • 1 day Solo Flight with guidance

Paragliding License 1 (PL1) - Novice

  • Theory and concept
  • Manuevers
  • Solo Flight

Paragliding License 2(PL2) - Intermediate Pilot

  • Theory and concept
  • Manuevers
  • Fast descent

Paragliding License 3(PL3) - Advance Pilot

  • Thermalling
  • Cross Country

Tandem 1 (T1)

  • Tandem master practice with pilot instructor

Tandem 2 (T2)

  • Tandem master practice for public

Tandem 3 (T3) Tandem Instructor



Certification and Licensing


Certificates and Licenses release are certified under Malaysian Sport Aviation and Federation Aviation Internarional(FAI). Its valid in all countries represented in the FAI



Some people are not ready to be pilot but still want to fly. Tandem flights are the flight that you just seatback and relax. The tandem master will do the flying and bring you on the air. Passengers just enjoy the marvelous moment.

Ranau Paragliding Park,

Jalan Kompleks Sukan Ranau,

89308 Ranau,

Sabah, Malaysia

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